Program of the 1st course of the Academy


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Organizing Committee and Faculty

Course coordinator
Tomislav Baudoin, MD, PhD

M. Remacle, M. Kuo, C. Meco, M. Tedla, L. Kalogjera, Lj. Jovančević, M. Ries, P. Surda, M. V. Grgić, A. Košec, S. Stevanović, A. Penezić, A. Pegan, D. Solter, J. Ajduk, I. Oreški, H. Basak




Otitis media
Sudden deafness
Facial nerve palsy
Acoustic neuroma
Allergic rhinitis
Nasal polyposis
Silent sinus syndrome
Choanal atresia
Orbital cellulitis
Inverted papilloma
Olfactory neuroblastoma
Sinonasal melanoma
Subglottic stenosis
Laryngeal papillomatosis
Reinke edema, Laryngeal cancer
Foreign body aspiration
Lump in the neck
Thyroid cancer
Oropharyngeal cancer
Parotid tumor
Frontal sinus trauma


The Academy will present the participants with current concepts of management and updates of ORL-HNS diseases and disorders according to the modern guidelines promoting European standards. Using the cocept of problem based learning, the programme encompasses 28 topics in two days in an interactive manner.


Who should attend

ORL-HNS residents and young specialists